Creative industries

Creative industries

A type of economic activity based on individual creativity, skill and talent, with the potential to generate value through the creation of intellectual property

In 2030, the integrated development of creative industries will increase the contribution to the city’s economy to 5%

Creative hub – Markova, 44

  • The total area is 3,500 m2
  • Launch of the third quarter of 2024

Creative Cluster DEPOT (former tram depot)

  • The total area is 31,000 m2
  • The area of buildings after the project is 21,000 m2
  • Launch – IV quarter of 2025

The initial capitalization for 2023 is $22 million
The life of the fund is 10 years

(with the possibility of extension +1 +1 year)

The investment period is 5 years

(with the possibility of extension +1 year)


Trilateral agreement

Almaty Creative, QIC, Management Company

Signing-September 2023

MFC registration

October 2023